12-03-2016 om 01:30 uur Update Wowza Media Server naar de laatste versie 4.4.1

Wij zullen op a.s. zaterdagavond 12-03-2016 om 01:30 uur de Wowza Media Servers upgraden van versie 4.3.0 naar versie 4.4.1.

Wij verwachten een hele korte downtijd. Wij raden u aan na de upgrade uw account te controleren.

Verbeteringen voor versie 4.4.1:

  • Fixed OPTIONS request to provide CORS headers when an invalid application/instance is requested
  • Fixed REST API JSON error content type to be consistent with non-error response
  • Turned off Apple HLS (cupertino) cupertinoAutoAdjustDurationIfOutOfBounds system by default (also improved logging when feature is turned on)
  • Fixed MPEG-DASH playback issue on Chrome/OS X by adding sample flags to MP4 fragment data to make keyframes (trun box)
  • Fixed Wowza Streaming Cloud Stream Target push publishing so that audio-only streams can be pushed successfully
  • Fixed UDP port allocation/de-allocation issue with RTSP/RTP streaming
  • Fixed Stream Targets bug where all enabled stream targets show an Active status when only one or some of the stream targets are active
  • Updated Transcoder to MainConcept SDK version 10.1.1 (fix issue with small frame low bitrate encodes)
  • Fixed Transcoder issue with keyframe alignment for H.264 and H.265/HEVC streams when using default encoder (source stream keyframe interval must be 300 or less

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